Monday, 7 March 2016

Love For Stationery!

Take me to a clothing store and I can return bare handed but take me to a store that sells stationery :
  •    I hope you like stationery too because we are about to spend hours just browsing.
  •     Just spend time? Kid, we have to spend some money too!
I’m all about the word “kawaii”. I love me some pretty notebooks, stickers, planners, sticky notes, markers, glitters and everything else that has got to do with stationery heaven. Sometimes I buy everything I find pretty and then fear to use them later because they are so awesome and decorative. I would call myself a stationery hoarder but thinking about it more, these little things that carry a price tag have made so many aspects of my life easier and more enjoyable.
I am not an organized person but I like everything to be in order and organized up to a degree. To initiate the organization process is something difficult for me to do. Have you ever felt like organization is like walking down a memory lane? One minute you are serious and you are arranging all your files but the next minute your eyes fall on a file from five years ago………five hours later you realize you’ve been admiring your writing and memories that the file enclosed. Getting back to the topic, yes! Stationery gives me a boost and instills my want to organize. Diving deeper on how it encourages me, having a file or folder helps me in dividing college work into sections.  Trays help me in keeping things according to a category. I could definitely stuff everything in different corners of the room and be done with it. But stationery lengthens the time period for my organization to stay organized (You know what I mean). And that’s good because for most time I don’t have to deal with hassles as they are all labeled and divided according to my understanding.


Studying for a course requires time for note making. I can retain information better when I write important parts down on paper. Unfortunately the way I work around is; writing notes and then never using them during revision. Instead, I make another fresh pair of notes. Although I recycle most papers, you can still consider that as wastage of paper since I use more paper to write the same notes. Investing money on stickers, colored pens and sticky notes, I use them to make my notes more appealing. Y’know, when they look good, it’s hard to throw your efforts away. Laugh all you want, but that’s how we function (Referring ‘we’ to all you stationery people out there) Okay!

I am highly inspired and influenced by Pinterest for DIY crafts. I am often into mini creative projects and personalizing my space. To add a sparkle (both figuratively and literally) I use lots of my stationery. Decorating things that I own to personalize them is also fun and stationery plays a key role. So, if you are a creative-loving person then stationery are the tools you'd use to create.

When it comes to controlling my urge to buy more stationary and avoid the decking up, it is ambiguous. Some days, I am very logical and do not buy anything while telling myself I don't need it. But other days, it's Why not!

So...all stationery loving people say "Hi! Hey!" in the comments section below :-P


  1. Awesome article and pretty funny.

  2. Thank you so much Vinay! Means a lot that you read through it :-D

  3. Who doesn't love stationary <3 This was a great post!