Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Using Eduaction Wisely

What is the one thing that binds us all, that restricts or permits for an event to take place?

 What holds a greater power than all the sciences, arts, laws, media and other fields?

What has found its way to leak into all the systems, either to spoil the integrity or to strengthen the system(s)?
And lastly, how many people would agree that the what is politics. Politics is a complex body that is governed by several factors. It is an integral part for the survival of us. Not necessarily do we have to associate politics with governance of a country but it can be expanded to work politics, school politics, politics at home and the politics happening in a management which affects the whole organization. 
One thing that irks me most is what we've done to the education systems in India - by unknowingly creating an unfair political system among students involving play with power and disgusting ways to achieve it. And this has resulted in silent cries of students pleading for equality. For example, it is considered to be childish to report about plagiarism however important the project might be(and else where, plagiarism is a serious offense). It is okay to copy homework. It is okay to get all your work done through "friends". It is okay to not put effort when you are in a team. These assumptions and the encouragement of such assumptions have made many students the lazy and obnoxious humans they are. And this has lowered the education quality in India. And I believe that this would rank as the first factor to bring down the level of education.

"GET YOUR WORK DONE!" is the primary version of message that has been instilled in our minds since a tender age. Although time  is something we all need to be aware of, the worthiness in the activities that we cover over the period is what makes the time well utilized.Teachers, mentors, guides need to care about the originality of the work submitted by the students. Assignments must be prepared in a manner in which students are taught to take their work seriously, get it done sincerely and think about the implication of their work. This makes the students more sensitive and well aware about the importance of knowledge and the right way to use it. More than prioritizing and stressing on deadlines, keeping a check on the quality and methods of learning is also very important.

Since from young we've been indirectly taught that people who copy your work are doing no wrong or it is okay for you to get your work done as easy as possible and still be given credits. When these are instilled in our minds, lessons on morality, hard work, sincerity are only lessons that will be studied for grades. Educational organizations are not a simulation of the real world where there is evil lurking in every corner but they are a hopeful place to guide us to make our country rise higher. So it is important to implement the lessons about goodness, sensibility and emotional intelligence in all of us because it hard to sway from our lessons when its been planted deep into our minds.

An educational organization is a  safe ground. Everybody has a fair chance. Everybody is equal.And the teachers need to make sure that equality is followed strictly. Evaluation of a student's work must be based on the truthiness, quality, expected understanding of a concept. But what sometimes happens is the correction based off of partiality, judgments, luck and previous achievements.
A message to the teachers:- I know for sure if your correction criteria is based on:
  • The student being adorable.
  • The student used to be a high achiever.
  • The student has powers(not necessarily supernatural)
  • The student is an under achiever.
  • The student's attitude (good or bad)
  • The student's influence on you. 
Then, it is considered to be a disgrace to the objective of your occupation. Every year and every semester is considered to be a fresh start. It is a let-down to students when their hopes are destroyed because of the partiality, whatever the reasons maybe. We all need to be considered equal. We all need to be punished for valid reasons. We all need to be rewarded and punished in the same ways. We all need to be taught to see each other equally. It is natural for teachers to have favorites but letting it infiltrate the system can only bring about more trouble and worsen students. And your partiality can brutally destroy our belief in equality.

The time to change our understanding and the replacement of the education system prevailing may take a longer time. But what we can do to change it right now is to voice our opinion. To the students who are suffering from emotional blackmails  and are forced to stray from their integrity and morality; stand your ground. To the parents whose children's work are sucked off by parasitic children; try to understand what your child is going through and fight alongside. To the teachers who are handled as puppets beyond their will; fight for your right and be the light to the pitiful others.

The current scenario of education is definitely an example of dirty politics. The problem needs to be addressed. Laziness and bullying are not ways to survive school and academics. We need to be taught what real knowledge is. And anybody who fails to understand it and come to terms with equality in education need to be eradicated from the luxuries offered by  the education system.


  1. This is a very well presented take on the educational system. Politics is in the subtle things. Like letting people off the hook for everyday classroom plagiarism as you pointed out.
    Well done you :)

  2. Good one Ms.Yuo. The bias to which teachers are helplessly susceptible to can be avoided by decoupling assessment from teaching duties. Assessment has to be done by an agency different from the teaching agency.
    I really enjoyed your soft sounding but unmistakably fierce criticism "disgrace to the objective of your occupation". Keep writing. You are awesome. - Black Cat.

  3. Thank you Black Cat!! And I'm reminded of Black box testing where the internal functioning/code is unknown to the tester. It's a great way to evaluate assessments in the same manner.
    I am extremely happy you enjoyed this post!