Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Creating Energy

Time is a beautiful nonphysical dimension we have to obey .Time dances to its own rhythm. To keep up with it requires a whole lot of energy. Every now and then time leaves you exhausted.  It might be due to work, emotional sickness, simple boredom or confusing personal problems. So why wait around for your body to naturally regain the energy when you can create it and it’s more fun this way!

A walk.  Sometimes all I need is a breath of fresh air. To leave the place that held the problem is a good escape. Whether I’m walking in a busy street or in a desolate park, pulling myself physically to another place and changing my mental thoughts help me in dissolving my pain and regaining that energy. Even though the skies are out of reach, l feel like they can understand my silent whispers. So try the hippity hop and step out.

Music. Whether its rock, metal, pop, country songs or just sounds; when it feels like music to my ears, it is healing me from the inside. I don’t need to explain music. It truly does wonders.

Creative energy. No matter how bad I am at painting, just lifting that paint brush and see the colors work on paper is soothing.  Try doing what you love. Investing your creative energy helps with self-satisfaction. Even writing down how you feel will help.

Connecting. Talking to a friend is therapeutic for me. Just knowing that I have a person who is ready to go through this with me is wonderful. They provide me with unexpected inputs and relaxation methods. Friends are great at shifting your mood and reminding you of your bigger picture. Even your sister can be a great friend to increase your energy level.

Sleep. Sleeping early in the night and waking up the next morning decreases the intensity of your anger, confusion or tiredness. So,  if I’m facing a serious problem I give it time and sleep earlier that day. Maybe the next bright morning the solution was simpler than I imagined. There are scientific reasons to sleep too but let’s leave it at that!

Read.Reading can do both things- transport you or pull you back to real life.  Some stories inspire you to get up and dust off your problems. Some stories provide a safe haven. Some fulfill your fantasies. And others introduce you to new things. A book can do so much to your energy when you learn to enjoy it.

Pamper yourself. Taking care of the skin you breathe in will freshen you up. There are easy inexpensive ways to make your own  bath salts, moisturizers and face masks. Light your favorite candles. Transform your space to a spa. Treating yourself will ease any tension and calm you.

Exercise. It usually starts off with stress but after reaching your day goal; your body becomes calmer, feels lighter and energized. So push yourself to that finish line. Its worth it! 

There are a million ways to create energy. Do the things off the top of your head. However whimsical and silly they may be, embrace the unique you and create energy to build a more meaningful Universe. Try something new today and let me know how you created energy in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

Thanks to Manisha and Pixabay for the images!