Saturday, 19 November 2016

Letter : Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series although untouched for a few years, is a book that I go back to for powerful quotes and comedic parts. Even looking at the cover of the books anywhere in the world is a pleasantly elegiac experience. The desire to go back in time and devour them is heightened every time I notice a child reading a book from the series. I guess the special connection exists because I grew up with the books. As the books came out one by one, I was turning into a more mature growing adult. The books share a small part of my thought evolution. I may not be your typical fanatic; but I am the one who reveres the author’s intellect and what the books hold in itself.

Growing up, I had insecurities. I saw a Harry Potter in myself. When I recognized the rude, selfish and evil people around me and when I saw that they got what they wanted through their misdeeds; a sense of perplexity developed. Now I can say that I followed a more righteous path and that required the courage and bravery that Harry most obviously displayed. And on this journey, I met great people, made wonderful friends and learned a great many lessons. It’s a series that’s always been a mentor and a childhood entertainment.

When I started the series, I went in with zero expectations but now it is a series that matters a lot to me. It’s like the butterfly effect : As the pages of the book flipped and as the time flied, the positive impact it had on me became immense and inestimable. 

My heartfelt thanks to J.K.Rowling for creating and writing this amazing series! 

PS: Picture does not belong to me. Thanks to pixabay for the pictures!

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  1. Oh, a Harry Potter post! I agree with you, the series was our mentor is many ways. It thought me many first principles of life that are rooted strong and deep.
    It will always remain special.

    Escaping Through Ink