Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Path Of Thoughts


A large number of people prefer thinking rationally rather than emotionally. The reason being, thinking rationally has lesser effect of hurting you. When you sketch out detailed plans, make a statistical study, learn the background of the problem and choose-what you would think-smartly; you are prepared for the outcomes. And that decreases the impact of loss or the overjoy that comes with winning. Thinking emotionally is rapid decision making-the heart over mind. A lot of it ends with regrets, tears and loss. Sometimes this can trigger a chain of more emotions making you continue the mistake and blow it up! How do you think?

 “I wish I could think rationally.”
“I love listening to your outlook on this problem. It’s well framed and so logical.”

When the rational thinking outweighs the emotional thinking, mostly you are doing well. Your life seems to be going as planned. You are satisfied. You learn from mistakes and there is always space for you to grow. Downside is the whole lot of things you are missing on. And the bigger problem is that you are absent minded about it. Logical thinking weakens your small talk making you miss out on meeting some amazing people. Because you appear distant and cold, very few people take their shot at approaching you.  Because of your lack of spontaneity, you will miss out on adventures. I hope you understand that you only know life theoretically. You’ve never given yourself the chance to experience them.

When you are in love, logic lengthens the period of understanding the person.  If you have a big list of characteristics that you expect from that lovely person, you’ll have a hard time finding that lovely person. Love is about NO EXPECTATIONS. You just enjoy his/her company no matter what situation you are stuck in. Even if this person is everything you wanted, you will spend a large amount of your finite time deciding how you are going to initiate a conversation (pro tip- Just talk!). Sometimes ego can creep in and avoid you talking to the person very often. And if both of you think logically, who is going to make the move? Sometimes love is about chasing. You need to give it time; you need to put in constant effort. It might feel like pestering a friend of yours to get you that internship, but the results are worth it. You either get the internship or you don’t. To the science geeks, you’ll never know if the cat is dead or alive until the box is opened (unless you are in love with an electron)*Wink wink!*.

When I was younger, I refrained from sudden plans. I am a planner. I am usually the mother of the group carrying extra everything. So when meets or trips were spontaneous, I felt vulnerable. When I look back, I realize I missed spending time with friends. All I remember is my study table, homework and the books. Now that I agree to more whimsical plans, I have stories to remember. And that’s what life has to offer to you when you grow older. If you are still declining that emotional thinking is sometimes advantageous, then you are too afraid to try. You just want to keep swimming; not to stop a moment and look around you.

“You are carefree and adventurous. My life is just too organized and boring.”
“I wish I was as impulsive as you. You are enjoying life.”

People who think emotionally are better well aware of themselves. They know they are getting into trouble. But it’s too late because if they were a thunderstorm, the light that strikes is the action and the sound that follows is the brain. Many do not have control over the emotions. Happy means yes and sad means no. You are going to get to know a person after judging them. You are going to look at all their actions based on how you see them. If a person you hate suggests a super plan, you will take all the efforts to steer clear off the plan. Because anybody you hate does not have the capability to think smart. You will not be able to isolate the person and the idea, they are always interlinked.

Your type of relationships is lots of love, lots of care and lots of wanting to spend time together. You like to keep a check with this person every day. You just like talking about the small things whenever possible. And everything that happens, you take it to the heart. You are likely to fall in love when your heart races (love at first sight). Although this love is cute, y’know, you’re spending so much time together, talking about the most random stuff and the occasional cuddling, the fights between you are just unnecessary. You see her laughing with another guy, you’re jealous. You don’t want to listen to her explanations; you believe the moment that flitted before your eyes. The guy responds to your text the next day even though he was online the same evening. And this angers you. You suddenly assume he doesn’t take you seriously anymore. One incident and you think that person is falling out of love with you. And even if the person wants to break up with you, you’ll never come in terms with this. You’ll always want to go back to the relationship. You don’t handle failures well.

Doing things out of a whim are also disadvantageous for emotional thinkers. When you’re fuming with anger, you begin ranting and acting brutal. You do not approach problems with patience. If you’re too happy and a person asks you to write his 20 page assignment for him, you write it. When you’re celebrating and a girl returns your favorite book in a tattered condition, you’re okay with it. Only when you are writing the assignment that isn’t yours and you get to hold your frail book, do you start regretting your behavior toward these people.

Striking a balance between thinking emotionally and rationally sure does sound good now. That way you won’t miss out on anything and life has lesser problems. Balance is not about fifty- fifty. It is about which thinking has more weightage in which situation. One thing you need to know, people over things. Give the loved ones more priority. Your work can always be done later and things can always be replaced over time. I think in most cases, logical thinking wins over emotional thinking. But we are humans, we are intelligent. We work best as groups. So we need to consider emotional thinking to an extent, when our actions can affect other people. Good Luck!


  1. Ok, I love this post! So well written with a profound message. I almost feel like it is talking to me, I'm so rigidly organized sometimes that spontaneous plans annoys me. But as you say, love is something you chase. If I want to get to know people, I need to let it flow without listing out the pros and cons.

    1. Thank you Manisha!! I am a big planner too. And spontaneous plans are something I overthink about. But once you go for it, it's an exhilarating experience.

  2. Our heart has been expressed <3 😍

  3. Sandra... It's good one..
    At one ointment I got connected to myself when you talk about people who think emotionaly....
    Keep out up.. and keep writing..