Friday, 20 April 2018

Rapid Succession

Yes, I’m back. No, I didn’t die. Not that you cared. While I am typing away, I want you know that I am in a different country than my home. Was a student, then an employee and again a student. But a student with education loans......this might not be as structured as I want it to be but it definitely represents the confusion in my head, I am still figuring a smooth way out. The question I have been slyly smiling about in the past week and still don’t know the right answer – what the hell is it with some of us? Why do we choose the hard life?

My college life was amazing! I had the best people, the best projects, the best responsibilities and the best job offers. Six months into getting out of college and still enjoying a peaceful life, I thought I still haven’t achieved what I wanted to. I left a blooming career, all the recognition and ventured to start a life where my past wouldn’t save me. You might laugh at my stupidity of literally pushing myself out of my comfort zone, but what am I to do? The thought of not even trying it out sucked the life out of me back home. I am in the phase where I am happy I got my closure and I am trying at what I want to achieve but I am also dwelling in the past. Back at home, I would have had a simpler life - earning money, meeting friends, catching up with family and climbing up the age ladder. I am still climbing up the age ladder except, with a baggage of problems that I created for myself. And it would take two years to fully solve the problem and admire/hate the solution. I could have been living an awesome life back home with the best people and the best opportunities but why did I choose to do this? I’m sure I’ll have a great answer to this in two years. The lesson here is, dwelling in the past gets you nowhere. And it takes a long time to stop thinking of your past and get started on the dreams you’re working on. If you are reading this and have the same fears as mine, I just want you to know that you’re braver than most. Even if you are not in a great place right now, I’m sure you can achieve it. The fact that you left a normal life behind to do something that is awesome for you shows you have the strength to get started. Keep up the good work you tireless creature!

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